Antke Engel

Antke Engel’s project as a feminist queer theorist and philosopher consists in undisambiguating or equivocating genders, sexualities, categories and social relations. Since 2006 she runs the Institute for Queer Theory (iQt) in Berlin, which initiates events of various formats in different locations, in order to promote queer politics of representation and blend academic, artistic, and activist practices. Engel holds a PhD in Philosophy and works as a guest professor or independent scholar in academia and the cultural field. She has been research fellow at the ICI Berlin and at the Gender Institute of the LSE London. Apart from numerous essays she has published the monographs Wider die Eindeutigkeit (2002) and Bilder von Sexualität und Ökonomie (2009), and co-edited Global Justice and Desire: Queering Economy (2015) and Hegemony and Heteronormativity: Revisiting ‘The Political’ in Queer Politics (2011).