2 pm – 6 pm: DJ*ane-Workshop with Neda Sanai
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In this workshop we will walk through the technical aspects of DJing, such as how dose the hardware and software work. Also how do I as a DJ curate an accurate setlist for the event I will be playing? How can I create an inclusive dance floor with my choice of music? And most important what is the purpose and who do I as a DJ cater for? The workshop is open for people identifying somewhere in the FLINT (Frauen Lesben Inter Nichtbinär Trans) spectrum. Participants must bring their own computer with already installed software Recordbox thats free for download from Pioneer.

Neda Sanai is a multidisciplinary Berlin based artist. Their praxis moves through a hybrid of mediums such as DJing, Music composition and performance. Usually canalised through the idea of the collective work and the community as a starting off point.