A Saal lun* is a collaborative event (lasting approximately four hours); it is a utopian or heterotopian space, where one can deal creatively with a social conflict and perhaps find unusual or surprising solutions. Saal Lun*s take place as part of Caring for Conflict, a project of cultural education, which seeks for creative forms of dealing with conflicts. Feminist and queer cultures of conflict are a source of inspiration.

Saal is the German word for “hall” and lun* stands for lunatic or luna (moon): asking for crazy ideas, seemingly coming from the moon.

A salon is (not) a saloon is a Saal lun*

The Saal lun* connects to while also distancing itself from the salon as well as the saloon. The name carries a critique of bourgeois, occidentalist cultural production and the US history of settler colonialism, without negating that this is part of its geneaology.


Saal lun* No. 1 – Door Policies

12 July 2017, Theater ExMe, Ohlauer Straße 41, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Different people are welcome at different spaces – or not: this is communicated more or less explicitly, more or less subtle. Door policies can turn out to be brutal forms of exclusion. Yet, they can also contribute to creating safer spaces and to empowering disenfranchised people.

What are door policies good for? Whom do they protect? Who designs them?

Organized by Dikla Levinger, Jana Blottner, Julian Ketterer, Mira Foerster, Moritz Wagner, Nico-LLentrisca Riedel, Sofia-Isabella Rotbuschi, supported by Antke Engel (participants of the course „Vertiefung Gender und Queer Studies“ at Alice Salomon University Berlin.

Saal lun* No. 2 – rearranging space through gesture

Friday 11. May 2018, 2-5 pm,  aquarium (Südblock), Skalitzer Str. 6, Berlin-Kreuzberg

Gestures move faster than speech. And the signals of human body presence dominate and determine space. Come explore the unspoken codes and wordless translations of human interaction at the Saal Lun* with the Secret/Common/Mean Languages team: Qwigo L. Baldwin, Ferdi Thajib und Tali Tiller

Saal lun* No. 3 – Collective rehearsal for another classroom

Friday 18 May 2018,  2-6 pm, aquarium (Südblock), Skalitzer Str. 6, Berlin-Kreuzberg

a Saal Lun* organized by the group Alphabet of Conflicts, initiated by  artists Nino Halka, Pia Klüver and Eva Storms, teachers Maren Zeuner and Ronald Lange, togehther with students Hanin, Mohamed, Emil B., Ahmet, Tisser, Erik, Lasse, John, Tara, August, Leon, Jeniffer, Rehme, Emil V (at the school: Oberstufenzentrum Marcel Breuer in Weissensee).

Photo: Antke Engel