RadioBodies: Im_possibilities of mediation

4 pm – 6 pm: RadioBodies: Im_possibilities of mediation
Performative Conversation
with Nuray Demir, Qwigo Baldwin and Shanti Suki Osman

Qwigo Baldwin, Nuray Demir and Shanti Suki Osman reenact their project Radiokörper, which was realised in January 2019 at the Alfred Nobel School with the pupils* of class 8b. Subsequently, they performatively discuss the im_possibilities of mediation. Everyone is cordially invited to participate in the Unfinished Conversation.

Venue: Kabinett

Qwigo FLux/Lydia Baldwin is active in Berlin in theater-making, storytelling, body music and vocal improvisation since 2009. Together with kindergarten kids, queer arts collectives and newcomers of all ages, Qwigo explores and performs the long-term project “Querzaehlen”: Skewing and fracturing folktales about tresspassing, coloring outside the lines and other outlandish acts.

Nuray Demir is an artist/curator in the field of visual and performing/performative arts. Her practise is distinguished by a research-based, radically transdisciplinary approach. In her projects, she forms temporary ensembles with people from various fields. She is especially interested in debates and concepts of feminist and postcolonial theory.

Shanti Suki Osman works with radio, song and sound, exploring the themes of identities, privilege, cultural commodification and appropriation, feminism and decolonisationin in various education and performance contexts.