Meet´n´greet the superhéroes*heroins

2 – 4pm: Urban Caring: Meet´n´greet the superhéroes*heroins

Venue: Archiv

performative superhéroes*heroins *research laboratory with the Theaterlings / AWO Falck-Club Neukölln, Ani Lachnitt and Verena Melagarejo Weinandt

Seagull, Frog, Pilot, Princess, Cat Women and Co are the superhero*in characters of the inclusive theatre group Theaterlinge. As part of the Urban Caring subproject, they have joined forces to search for the superpowers they desire in the everyday mess of Berlin city life. In doing so, they not only succeed at flying, climbing and healing, but also at being healthy, reading and writing, attaining barrier-free mobility, singing together, dancing and learning from each other.

As part of the festival, we invite you to a performative superhero*in research laboratory in which we want to track down the everyday and utopian superpowers in a creative, posing, dancing and narrative way.