Social media and websites have become an integral part of our lives. Many young people use the media both artistically and politically – whether to learn about the latest news, to make their own art visible or to conduct political discussions. The internet offers opportunities for self-presentation, for making oneself visible and for (political and artistic) interventions. The online world can be a particularly suitable medium for perspectives that are neglected by the mainstream.

But how do I get involved? How and where do I start? Which stories can I tell and how?

We give insights into the possibilities of virtual communication from blogging to instagram and is particularly suitable for beginners. 

The blog workshop is open all day: You can experiment for yourself and bring in your thoughts, texts, pictures, sounds. Subsequently, you can post them on our Blog or Insta-Account yourself or, if necessary, with our support. Feel free to approach Magda (26 May) or Maja (1 June). Both are equipped with laptops and camera and can be found next to the STREITBAUTEN tent.