Dounia, using the stage name Douniah, grew up in Hamburg and has German-Moroccan roots. Why this is important to know – cultural identity, origin and heritage are topics she has been dealing with for years and keeps reflecting in her music. At the age of 15 she started writing lyrics, taking a lot of inspiration in alternative and soul, from Bon Iver to Erykah Badu. Before working with producers and beats, she played guitar to accompany herself and wrote to find her very own sound that was already in soul. She spent 6 months in Canada, 2 months in the USA and Jamaica to experience hip/hop and soul history/culture. Since 2017 she focuses more on beats than on playing the guitar, but storytelling remains just as important and that’s how she sees her music. Singer/songwriter but above all writer. Her upcoming first EP „Heritage and Love“ together with Blunted Beats features Fuchy (Farhot), Agajon, Cap Kendricks and Highjohn. You’ll get to hear her sound a lot this summer.

Douniah is a singer/writer with Moroccan (Amazigh) & German heritage. The 22-year old soul Artist, now based in Berlin, started as a Singer/Songwriter in Hamburg. Starting with acoustic guitar and Storytelling at the age of 15 – she early found her sound in Neo-Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and indie music.