Video-Conversation with Mirkan Deniz and Kınay Olcaytu

Mirkan Deniz lives in Zürich and works with sculptures, videos and installations. Her conceptual works are often quotations and reconstructions (e.g. of a military vehicle, a barricade, a table that had served to sign a historical contract). She is particularly interested in the tension, which arises between the material and immaterial effects (traumas, unspeakable experiences, and memories). How can an object (a sculpture) maintain this tension and question the relationship between the past, violence and subjectivity?

Kınay Olcaytu, born 1977 in Izmir, is based in Berlin. She is the head of the Occidentalism Institute. Olcaytus works have been exhibited in Kunsthalle Mannheim (2017), Circus Biennale Charivari, Berlin (2014), Kunstverein Glückstadt (2009) and Cer Modern, Ankara (2012).