The Waffle Story – from KitchenWorlds

Split-Screen Installation, FHD 6. Min, Loop, 2018

The split screen installation, The Waffle Story, is a (humorous) commentary, documentation, and reflection of special experiences in the school kitchen, or rather the school corridor. How can we collectively solve a problem? How do we deal with our different tastes and problem solving solutions? And how can we communicate this with one another?

Different experts offer their opinion in this reportage. Not everything is visible. Things remain incomplete. Questions can be raised. Attitudes are malleable.

The project KitchenWorlds has collected, over the course of seven months, stories and narratives from the school kitchen as a space of knowledge and exchange. Here, one cooks, gossips, probes, spices, strums, dreams, eats, fights, smacks their lips, yells, laughs, and at the same time, researches…

KitchenWorlds is a project of the artists Shanti Suki Osman and Eva Storms, together with the students Ashley Heise, Ayca Demirci, Aysuda Siki, Jasmin Maria Reinsch, Kevser Ünsal, Leroy-Tom Palm, Naomi Kemi Oladipupo, Nisa Nur Eren, Oliver Bartusch, Sara Ramadan, Selin Elmaci, Alessandro Lala, Alex Leonardo, Bianca Stefan, Denise Fabbiano, Ella Nana Agyemang, Giorgio Fabbiano, Valentina Krumova, Samuel Bugatin

The project took place within the framework of “Ganztags,” a particular program under the direction of Julia Gumpert and Christine Glaser, in collaboration with the teachers Dr. Nicole Schreiber (Klasse 8d) and Viola Theunissen (Sprachlernklasse K-2) at the Alfred Nobel School – integrated secondary school, State European School Berlin.

Shanti Suki Osman (1983, Nottingham, UK; MA Music Education, Institute of Education, AHRC Studentship 2013) lives in Berlin and works as a musician, researcher, and pedagogue. In her workshops she uses vocals, songwriting, performance, acoustic art, making music and radio to deal with identities and privileges, cultural exploitation and appropriation, feminisms, critiques, and activism from a post-colonial perspective. Shanti Suki regularly lectures at conferences in the field of music and music education on topics related to women* of color, identities and technology and is a participant in the KontextSchule at the University of the Arts, Berlin, which brings artists and teachers together to attempt intersectional and non-discriminatory cultural education. Shanti was an atelier scholarship holder at DISTRICT BERLIN, Berlin from August – January 2017 and a lecture at the Decolonial Sound and Radio Art at the Braunschweig University of Art. In the framework of the Sonic Cyberfeminism project she undertook a group residency at Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge.

Eva Storms began her studies of fine arts, with the focus on figure sculpture (Professor Bruno Raetsch), at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle, in 2009. In November 2012, she changed into the class Time-based Arts of Professor Michaela Schweiger, where she graduated with a diploma degree (1,0), in January 2016. Since the year 2016, she lives and works as a freelanced artist, in Berlin. Her artistical practice is coined by a critical knowledge- and artproduction. She understands her artistical – pedagogical projects, with people from various contexts, as an independent production of knowledge.