Three Artworks – Five Poems

Students of the Alice-Salomon-Hochschule tried to find access to the sound of three videos shown at the KLIRRRRR-Festival. Here Anna Letsiou writes how she heard Barikat (Mirkan Deniz, 2017) and Bisheh (Mary Ana, 2017).  Jule Gießler’s sound poems you find on the German page of the blog.


Echoing metallic silence building shapes
building concrete barriers building positions

or turning them upside-down
stealing our four wheels
letting us no other vehicle to freedom
The poetry of a sound
is like climbing an imaginary ladder
to catch a piece of real sky
but the costume of this sky is always white
and the sun is hiding behind
was it sky’s costume?
Or was (he) forced to wear it?
Now the sound of your spray
Is raining black words
Braking this metallic silence
Some kind of nature
What kind of nature
Crinkle its waters
What kind of nature
Reflects the moon in mirrors
And grows proboscis on people’s faces?
What kind of nature rushes the water over stones

And keeps the rhythm of wandering?
What kind of nature
Supplies us with tools to scratch our culture on the ground? This kind of nature
That circles us all

I’m typing
That’s how I keep sounds of past
I’m projecting
I’m delivering these sounds to the future
She plays this melancholic music next to me
For my shadow to dance
She speaks words in an unknown language
I pin and pin the words faster and faster on paper
I like the music of my typing
It makes me remember how everything ends after the dots How everything starts after the dots
I like the music of my typing
It prepares the rhythm of my resistance
Step by step
Painting my stones purple
Painting my war black
Painting my love on the wall

By Anna Letsiou

10.07.2018—15:13 h—Saal*Lun